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In 2014 Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra aka Noisecontrollers decided to split up and Bas Oskam continued Noisecontrollers alone. Immediately we didn’t heard much from Arjan and people wondered what he was doing. It was said that he wouldn’t make hardstyle anymore, but wanted focus on another genre.

Is there finally some news about his new musical direction? Since Audiofreq took over HARD with STYLE last month he tried to attract a wider audience than before. And suddenly in episode #48 there was a non-hardstyle track named ID – ID with of course an unknown artist. But listen to what Audiofreq said:


The track starts at 11:50 minutes. In episode #48 Audiofreq said this about the track: “We had an absolute exclusive and if you guys find out who it is it’s gonna blow some minds! Oh I’m so excited I wish I could tell you right now.”

This doesn’t say much, except that it obviously would be an incredible surprise. But in the next episode of HARD with STYLE, after the classic “Surge of Power” by (duo) Noisecontrollers he said the following: “I do wonder what happened to the other guy… Hmm, maybe you’ve already heard from him.”

This ID – ID track from HARD with STYLE is the only track that has not yet been announced. So.. there is nothing yet official, but everything indicates that Arjan is back and the man behind this unique track. We will unfortunately have to wait to hear it from the man himself.


  • David 19 October 2016 - 17:38

    Unless it’s the other half of the Toneshifterz


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