Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Snapchat is a tremendous social media medium for Hardstyle artists and fans of the music. Headhunterz keeps giving hints about a return to the Hardstyle scene and that is what we saw yesterday on his Snapchat account. Several videos appeared on his account about a new track.

In the videos on Headhunterz’ Snapchat he played a track from 2010 and this is a track that he never released or played at a festival. It contains everything that Headhunterz used to stand for in his hardstyle career. Especially, the voice of the lyrics is recognizable. He used it before in, for example, one of his first tracks called ‘Scantraxx Rootz’.

Last Saturday he played as Project One at Qlimax and you can say it was pure magic to see him and wildstylez spin the records again. Now that he has returned to Qlimax and Defqon.1, it’s possible that he will return to his roots again. For now he will probably be teasing the sh*t out of us to keep us in the dark.

Headhunterz himself knows that the Hardstyle of 2005 – 2011 is getting more and more popular. It may be the right moment to return to the Hardstyle scene, but only he knows what he is going to do next.


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