Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, the line-up for the new Q-dance event WOW WOW was announced via a trailer. Many, however, noticed there is another special hint in this video regarding Sub Zero Project. 

Next to the Sub Zero Project name stands a TV on which you briefly see the Qlimax teaser. Does this mean the two men are responsible for the anthem? It also looks like Q-dance placed another ‘hint’: in an article they account for each name in the WOW WOW line-up through (for example) ‘best raw breakthrough’. Sub Zero Project is the only one (together with Max Enforcer, but he is not on the Qlimax line-up) for who they do not have one specific reason:

“What a year it is for Sub Zero Project. These youngsters performed at all the major stages, and this was merely the beginning. They have a lot of new music in store for us 2019, and their set at WOW WOW will show that they have only just begun.“

More Conspiracy Theories about Qlimax

The conspiracy theories about Qlimax continues after the big line-up game. Even though it is very possible Sub Zero Project are the ‘gamechangers’, we still have to wait for the official Q-dance announcement.

Footage via Facebook-page Sub Zero Project

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