Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Saturday is a big day for most of the hardstyle lovers in the scene. After Headhunterz announced his comeback to hardstyle, we all have been waiting for his official return. The last preparations for The Return of Headhunterz are in full effect, the studio’s are working overtime and the artists are making long hours to celebrate the return in style. And good news: Headhunterz, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers are working on a new track together as we speak. Specially for Saturday.

In the end of June we already wrote an article about the upcoming collab, which was in an early stage at that time. “I was thinking a follow up of Tonight maybe?”, posted Headhunterz last summer. Now, a few months later, it seems that these plans are now confirmed. Half an hour ago Noisecontrollers tweeted photo of him working with Wildstylez and Heady in the studio together. “Tonight…”

Are Headhunterz, Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers working on a collab..?

It’s not quite sure yet what kind of production the result will be eventually. A remix, a follow-up or a brand new track: who knows? Technically it could be the case that it’s all just a rumor, but after the Headhunterz’ post earlier plus the fact that the three of them are close friends, is enough reason to believe in a follow-up. It will al be clear during The Return of Headhunterz in the sold out Ziggo Dome this Saturday.

The track ‘Tonight’ was released in 2009 and conquered the hardstyle scene by storm from the very beginning. The next thing was a remix by Alpha2 went to the top of the charts as well back in 2011, so the upcoming collab where the three hardstyle icons are working on at the moment is guaranteed to be a new dance floor hit.

Cover image via Instagram page Headhunterz

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