Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

A while ago Jack of Sound decided to move from Supreme Agency (Fusion Records) to Most Wanted DJ for his bookings. He wasn’t sure about his releases yet, but now he seemed to have found a place, because on July 11 he will release a special 3-track EP on the notorious label Roughstate.

The EP, named ‘Hellraiser’, will contain 3 tracks, but it’s not yet sure which ones he will pick. Besides his track ‘Hellraiser’ he has also finished a few other ones, like ‘G.O.D.’‘Finish Him’‘Create & Destroy’ and a remix of the track ‘Alpha² – Senses’.

Things have been going very well with Jack of Sound’s career, because this summer he will be performing at big events like Dominator, Free Festival, The Qontinent and Dance Valley.

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