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By Leonie Schott

Noisecontrollers will soon celebrate his 200th release with his own event Noisecontrollers & Friends. With one of these 200 tracks he’s doing something special. He has started a remix contest for his track ‘Promises’ and you can be the one who’ll release an official remix for this living hardstyle legend. 

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The hardstyle pioneer has “one of the largest discographies ever created by a hardstyle artist” and has nearly reached his destination of “the road to 200 released productions.” He will not only celebrate this milestone with his event Noisecontrollers & Friends on 28th December 2019, but also with a remix contest for all producers out there. In a video on his socials he turns to his followers: “You can remix my track ‘Promises’ and if you have any good idea’s with it and you’re a producer, go and make a nice remix and you can win an official release!” Furthermore, the winner gets an invitation to his Noisecontrollers & Friends event and will meet the hardstyle DJ there.

To join the remix contest, you first have to download the ‘Promises’ stems via Noisecontrollers.com/remix. Give free rein to your creativity and create a hardstyle remix out of the track. Afterwords, upload your track to Soundcloud and send the link to remix@noisecontrollers.com. Don’t forget to share your remix via your socials, tag Noisecontrollers and use #CelebrateNC200.

The track ‘Promises’ got already released ten years ago on Surge of Power EP, Part 2 on his former label Fusion Records; now it’s time for a talented producer to give the track a fresh touch. Whether you’re beginner or already on top of your career, if you convince Noisecontrollers with your remix of ‘Promises’, you will be the one with an official release and will read your name next to one of hardstyle’s biggest acts.

Win an official release of your remix of Noisecontrollers’ ‘Promises’

Several producers have already shared some of their work in their Instagram Stories, but the competition is open until 18th November 2019. Noisecontrollers & Friends takes place at 013 in Tilburg on 28th December 2019 from 22:00 until 06:00. Tickets for the event are still available via the official Noisecontrollers website.

Footage taken from Instagram page Noisecontrollers

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