This July, Combined Music presents yet another label: Kobbra. On this imprint the company will release hardstyle, as well as rawstyle. CEO of Combined Music, Coen Bom: “After the start of our company in April and the launch of our freestyle label ‘Baby’s Back’, we soon acknowledged the need for a hardstyle label. A lot of fans of the former ‘Babyboom’ label (also ran by Combined in the nineties) were somewhat disappointed of the new musical direction of ‘Baby’s Back’. Although we’re gonna stay away from hardcore, we do feel we need to accommodate our fans and get into hard- and rawstyle. Quickly.”

Kobbra is looking for young talent and has already found some newbies in the far corners of the World. Bom: “One of the first releases on Kobbra will be made by two guys from Nicaragua, they’re 17 and 20 years old. This is what makes the return of Combined such a treat; it has become só global. We love it.”

Raw and hardstyle on one label does sound a bit tricky though. Bom continues: “We’re not called ‘Combined’ for nothing. We don’t believe in building your own musical barriers. All the releases will have some consistancy of course, but Kobbra will be openminded. As long as it’s hard, we want it.”

Kobbra’s first release will be in the midst of July and will be availbale on all portals around the globe. Want to join the label? Send your demo to

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