Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The masked Italians prepare to strike! The rumours have been going around for a while now and what you have heard is true: Krowdexx will be releasing a mini-album!

The new act at Gearbox Digital will prove their worth as producers in Hardstyle, with an album full of hard-hitting tracks, melodies, catchy vibes and mystic atmospheres. The album includes 7 tracks and it will be available in all digital stores and as a LIMITED EDITION Usb stick + Official Packaging.

Limited USB’s for Krowdexx presents: Moshpit

There will only be 100 of these available so make sure you pre-order now. The Italian duo have been sky-rocketing recently and are more than excited to drop their album. The first preview drops next week.

Krowdexx Presents: Moshpit | The Mini Album

Footage taken from Facebook page Krowdexx

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