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By Wouter de Vink

Last of Us will go through life under a new name as of today. After an intensive search, the duo has finally found a new alias: from now on, the Art of Creation: Eternity duo is called Break of Dawn.

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The start of Last of Us as a Hardstyle duo was a beautiful one, when it was announced along with two other acts for the start of the new Art of Creation label. After several releases such as ‘High’ and with great bookings such as Defqon.1 on the horizon, the duo started to build a reputation. Until a letter from the well-known Sony Interactive fell on the doormat: their name would be in conflict with their brand…

The multinational/game developer gave Last of Us until the end of February to come up with a new name, and Mark and Mischa turned to fans for their quest. 583 submissions were received for a name of their act (of which creative suggestions like ‘Part of Creation’ and ‘FIFA 22’ logically didn’t make the cut). But the final Top 5 turned into the final decision: with Break of Dawn as a result.

“The past year has been full of milestones for us that we have achieved with Last of Us,” explains Break of Dawn. “To suddenly have to change your name is quite a challenge, not only on a creative level, but also on an emotional level. We are happy that we have received so many positive reactions and input from our fans. This gives the new name much more value to us.”

Last of Us is now Break of Dawn

According to Break of Dawn, the first next is already planned, more about this new track will be announced very soon. So keep a close eye on Break of Dawn on Instagram for more information.


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