Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

After My Dirty Workz in 2008, The Challenge in 2011 and Global Dedication in 2013, Coone is planning to release his fourth album in 2016. All three albums were a big hit, so the fourth one promises to be even better. Things seem to go pretty well for Coone lately, with many bookings across the world where he preaches the word… we mean ‘sound’ of hardstyle.

Recently Q-dance revealed the line-up of Defqon.1 Festival 2016 and Coone will play at the RED mainstage this year. In 2014 he had the honor to produce the anthem of this massive festival (‘Survival of the Fittest’). A few days after the release Q-dance also published a statement about the RED stage with more information about the performing artists. Some interesting info about Mr. Dirty Workz was also included.

“The RED of Defqon.1 is the place where the entire spectrum of the harder styles will be offered. Coone will make his return on the RED to showcase his new album to the Defqon.1 audience.”

Coone also released a brand-new website recently with the title of his album, Less Is More. On the website Coone tells people about his love for music and his goals. The first track that will be featured on his album, ‘Robotz’, will be online this Thursday. Listen to a short preview below.

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