Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

Now the Defqon.1 theme has been revealed, you can finally start preparing yourself. Some of us will grab our little tent, search for a sleeping bag and we’ll buy a small gas burner at our local camping store. Defqon.1 also offers more luxurious accommodation options. However, this year they really went all out to pamper you with incredible service. This year marks the premier of the Defqon.1 villa and Q-dance is offering you an opportunity to spend your Defqon in style.

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You can rent the luxurious villa, which is situated on the camping grounds, of Defqon this year. It will cost you a mere 2700, – euro/person. However, you will be able to spend the weekend like the prince(ss) you are. Among the facilities:

  • A private butler (extra costs)
  • Private airport transfer (extra costs)
  • Private helicopter transfer (extra costs)
  • Your own jacuzzi (extra costs)
  • BBQ + chef on Friday (extra costs)
  • Bedlinen and towels
  • Your own bathroom facilities
  • Electricity and lights
  • Of course a Defqon.1 weekend festival premium ticket
Important to note about the Defqon.1 villa

Please note, if you are interested: these prices are based on a stay with 20 people. If you were to come with less than 20 people, your price per person would probably be higher. Are you ad your friends willing to dig deep to get this once of a lifetime experience? Make sure to file an official request for your own Defqon.1 villa.Defqon.1 Villa

I’m broke, now what?

Are you on a budget? You can always pick one of the other travel packages provided by Q-dance. Or you could still get that tent, sleeping bag and gas burner from your local camping store. This way you’ll enjoy the festival and all its glory the cheapest way possible. If the latter is a better fit to your financial situation, make sure you pre-register at the official Q-dance website.

Footage via Facebook-page & website of Q-dance

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