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By Wouter de Vink

Hardcore icon 3 Steps Ahead passed away almost twenty years ago, but his impact is still huge. As one of the founders of our scene, he receives a special tribute from an old friend and fellow artist: they still haven’t forgotten him and that’s why they contacted widow Lady Jay for an honorable tribute to 3SA.

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We call it early rave now, but 3 Steps Ahead’s signature sound and enthusiasm made a deep impression on stage. Tracks like ‘Drop It’ and ‘In The Name Of Love’ became a straight hit, but Peter-Paul Pigmans is known for many more things: he brought love to the stage and became a hero of today’s hardcore artists.

Exactly on this night (August 27), 3 Steps Ahead passed away 20 years ago and therefore several (befriended) artists join forces for a special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute on the mainstage of Ground Zero. To keep the music and spirit alive: “His slogans are still being used to this very day: ‘Gabbers unite’, ’Hardcore will never die’, ‘Make love not war’ and many more,” the organization behind the tribute explains. Exactly 2 decades later it’s all about the man who gave the scene so much. “With his positive messages & humble personality, he will go down in the history books as ‘The man with the pure gabber heart’.”

3 Steps Ahead Tribute Logo

“On the 26th of August there will be a very special one of a kind Tribute to 3 Steps Ahead, on the Ground Zero mainstage!”

3 Steps Ahead is honored with a never-before-seen show – something that has never been done in the harder styles. Both his well-known hits and lesser-known work are featured. Additionally, in collaboration with Lady Jay (3SA’s widow) and her full approval, never-before-seen footage will be shown – personally filmed by her.

“This is a collaboration with the widow of Peter Paul, Lady Jay. She is honoured and so grateful that his music is today still so relevant and alive for many of us. Any profit that might be made, will go 100% to Lady Jay and the son and daughter of Peter Paul. This is a non-profit project, sponsored by artists that do not want or need to be credited. It’s all about the love for the music. It’s all about 3SA! In the name of love.”

The 3 Steps Ahead Tribute will be held on Saturday the 26th of August 2023 (3:00) on the mainstage of Ground Zero Festival. For more information, visit the Tribute to 3SA Instagram page. Be there for a memorable celebration of a true hardcore legend.

Omslagfoto via Instagram-pagina Tribute to 3SA

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