Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

E-Force and Delete have decided that they are going to make a collab. The news that the two were in the studio together, was revealed yesterday. This track could be part of E-Force’s new album, called The Edge of Insanity, but that is not clear right now.

E-Force is very busy the last few months. He is finishing his album, is part of War Force, has performances every weekend and is in the studio with his buddies of Hard Bass’ Team Red to make a special track for Hard Bass. And now there is a collab with Delete. “In the studio with Delete! Massive gated kicks are coming your way”, E-Force posted on his Facebookpage.

The Australian Delete is back on the road again and wants 2017 to be his best year so far, you can read it here. The collab with E-Force could be the first step in the direction Delete wants to go. In the article, Delete says that he has planned different collabs for the year and the first one has been revealed. It will be a collab with E-Force. He announced his collab as follows: “Combining forces with E-Force!”


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