Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Masters of Hardcore will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary and that is why the world’s leading hardcore brand is looking ahead to this enormous milestone. In the coming year, organisation Art of Dance will focus entirely on the unveiled theme, where the greatest artists from all harder genres will play an important role during this massive anniversary edition: ‘Temple of Resonance’.

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The famous Masters of Hardcore started in 1995 and made a big impression – even in the period when the genre was ‘declared dead’, the famous MOH continued. The iconic skull is now known worldwide, thousands of tattoos have been made and the concept grew from the Hemkade and the Beursgebouw to Thialf and ultimately the gigantic Brabanthallen – with international takeovers in Italy, Germany, Australia and many other countries. They have been the Masters of Hardcore for 30 years.

“Always a theme implemented to the very last detail”

Visitors to MOH know better than anyone that the theme is always implemented to the very last detail. Every year this fits perfectly with the stage, communication and everything that comes to mind: think for example of Miss K8, who flew over thousands of enthusiasts in a flying DJ booth (in the shape of a Viking ship) on the mainstage of Raiders of Rampage. Or the thousands of fists that went into the air when Angerfist, Outblast and MC Tha Watcher performed their legendary ‘The Voice of Mayhem’ to loud cheers from the audience – an iconic moment for the 15th anniversary at the time.

The Masters of Hardcore theme plays a crucial role and for such a major achievement as the 30th anniversary, Masters is now going big. Looking back on last Saturday’s successful edition, tens of thousands of fans could already see the announcement of Temple of Resonance on the large LED screens and now the whole world knows about it. This will be the year of 30 years of Masters of Hardcore – as always legendary with the greatest hardcore heroes. Deadly Guns’ big anthem show can also be watched this week, marking the start of the countdown to the upcoming Masters.

“Join us in our Temple of Resonance to celebrate our next impressive milestone: 30 years of Masters of Hardcore”

Masters of Hardcore 2025 will be held on Saturday the 29th of March from 14:00 to 23:00 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Register now as a member to stay informed about the 30th anniversary: including the line-up release, the very first ticket sales and more. “We are the Masters of Hardcore.”

Footage via Masters of Hardcore / SPARK

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