Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Behind all the DJs flying around the world, you’ll often find spouses who support them through everything and come along to performances. DJ Thera’s wife, also known as ‘Misses Thera’, openly talked about what being a DJ’s spouse is like in her Facebook-post. She explains it’s not all peaches and cream. 

Jessie has a personal blog that’s called Jessie zonder D, in which she shares a lot of her stories. Yesterday she opened up about her side of the DJ Thera story, and she talked about how there are loads of preconceptions about being a DJ’s wife. According to Jessie, a lot of people believe you do it for the money. She also explains how she experiences visiting her husband’s performances.

”Sometimes I see other DJ’s and their girlfriends on social media and I honestly get a little jealous. They all happily join their husbands for performances even abroad and seem to be having the best time… Well, I’ve tried it a couple times, but I usually felt like the old ball and chain. I’m either cranky, sick or exhausted from travelling. 

And about his parties on weekends: I only function there if I get to bring some friends and wine. Without those two I get home so stressed, because I feel socially awkward between all those social beings. They walk around and make it seem like talking to every single person there is normal, which makes me feel abnormal and it gets in my head.”

”I’ve come to accept the fact this special world is not something for me”

Also Pieter himself has responded to the story of his wife: ”DJ Thera who’s on his way back from a late live show is getting a bit Emothera reading this story. How amazingly written and it truly gives a good insight on being ‘Misses Thera’. Jessie I love you!” You can find Jessie’s complete story down below in Dutch.

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