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By Wouter de Vink

In these first months of 2022 you could already find Regain on the Shockerz mainstage and last weekend at REBiRTH Festival with his brand new live act “Square One”. With the tracks he played there, it has become clear that the Polish Hardstyle producer has definitely not been sitting still lately. To make this even more clear, he will release several “Square One” mini-albums this year. The first release is already on its way and will be released on April 20, 2022.

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The album that is scheduled for this month will be Regain’s third album. For many, his first two albums are still etched in their memory, in which he also released collaborations with many established names. The title of his new album and act: “Square One” also has a special meaning to him that he could tell a little more about at REBiRTH Festival: “We had to wait so long until everything was possible again. It was a time for me to reflect on my previous work. And so I decided to go “Back to Square One” in certain areas and reshape my style.”

What did you do differently with this act and the albums that go with it?
“In my previous live acts I mainly focused on exclusive tracks that could sometimes only be heard during my live acts. Now I’d like to share everything with my fans in the form of brand new mini albums that come out after these live performances. In the upcoming mini albums I will showcase new solo tracks, new edits of my previous work and I have asked other artists to make a remix of some tracks. Many are now also asking why you see RE-GAIN in the lineups. So even in my name really want to emphasize: ‘reinvent’, ‘renew’ & ‘remix’. This year you can expect albums with collabs, live edits and new solo work.”

Why did you decide to release your albums in the form of mini albums?
“The reason for this is that everything can still change based on the live acts that are planned. There are several more performances planned for this year, including: Intents Festival & WISH Outdoor. My fans will also play a part in the next edits that come out. More of this will become clear soon.”

Regain’s new solo track “Back to the Madness” has become the figurehead of the upcoming album in April. It is a very strong track with rock hard Regain kicks and an energetic melody. He already showed this track on his social media and will be part of his new album. There is currently no hardcopy planned at this moment for the album. Pre-save the album here via the available platforms.


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Photography by Tessa van Nuland

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