Hard News
By Hard News

Steven Tel, better known as Neroz, was off the grid for quite some time because he got sick with the Lyme disease. As far as the doctors and blood tests can tell, the artist of Dirty Workz Anarchy is cured from the nasty disease. Now he is trying to pick up the pieces in his life.

Below you will see a part of the update he posted on Facebook:

“Dear fans,

I know it’s been quiet around me for the past months, no activity on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and therefore I’m coming with an update;

At first I would like to thank you all for the support you gave me during the last period (fans, artists, friends, goldfish) thanks for all the messages and massive support! But I need to clear things up right now because people starting to question things. I’m cured from the lyme disease (as far as the doctors and blood tests can tell), so hurray!

But ever since I got sick with the lyme disease I started losing interest in producing Hardstyle. Although I’m still producing, it’s not hardstyle at the moment and I cannot promise anyone that I will be on a short period. I’m not saying I quit producing hardstyle but I’m figuring out what kind artist I would like to become. This is not a goodbye, this is just an update.



We hope you come back stronger than ever Steven, ‘Man Of God’.

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