Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

During his live-act ‘Shock Sequence’ at Decibel outdoor, none other than Neroz announced he will come out with a debut album. The name Shock Sequence is the follow-up of 3 tracks ‘Bodyshock‘, ‘Mindshock‘ and ‘Soulshock‘, of which the last one hasn’t been released yet and will be featured on the new album. 

Last weekend, Neroz performed his live-act ‘Shock Sequence’ at the huge Decibel outdoor Festival. A lot of new tracks came along, among which a lot of solos and even a collab with Artifact. As icing on the cake the raw hardstyle DJ announced he will come out with his very first album during this set. Neroz:

“This has been 1 of the best moments of my career! If you’ve seen my live-sets before, you might have noticed I held a couple of tracks back. With my new album I want to focus on diversity. During my set at Decibel you got to experience this with tracks such as: ‘Art of Music’, ‘Eye of the Storm’ and my previous track ‘Supersonic Superstar’ in which I worked with a melody, and some harder tracks such as ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Wake the Fuck Up’ and ‘New World’.”

“With my new album I want to focus on diversity”

The brand new Neroz album Shock Sequence will be officially released this year. We still have to wait and see when this will be exactly. To be kept updated on the latest news you can also keep an eye on Neroz his socials.

Neroz Shock Sequence

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