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By Juno Coolen

Armin van Buuren can be seen as one of the most famous DJ’s of the world. Next to his years of experience, the DJ from Leiden got declared the best DJ of the world for 5 years. Armin van Buuren travels all around the world for his performances. His success is due to Armin’s lifelong passion for music. Dance music in particular.

It’s no secret that Armin van Buuren shows his appreciation for Hardstyle from time to time. Last year, Armin closed both his Flying Dutch and his Tomorrowland set with a Frontliner remix of his big hit ‘Shivers’. Next to that, he played the track ‘Showtek vs. Technoboy & Tuneboy – Mellow’ on Alfa Future People, one of the biggest EDM events in Russia.

On the 11th of September, Armin van Buuren closed his 7-hour set with a new hardstyle track. This happened at Ushuaïa, the most famous open air club of Ibiza. You can hear that it is a remix of the track ‘Armin van Buuren vs Human Resource – Dominator’ on the official livestream.

The remix was made by the famous hardstyle duo Bass Modulators. The response during the performance on Ushuaïa was very positive. The track has been released on the label Armind. You can also listen to the track on the official soundcloud page of Armin. He also did a special shout out during ADE for the remix of Bass Modulators.

Moreover it is not the first time that the Bass Modulators made a remix of the track of Armin van Buuren. ‘Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel – EIFORYA’ got also renewed to a hardstyle version by the duo. The track has been released on Armada two years ago.

The two guys from Bass Modulators, Rick Buijtenhek & Roland Evers, started their act in 2007 with a mutual passion for Hardstyle. Their energetic and euphoric sound brought them a lot of success, which resulted in gigs on many famous national and international events.


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