Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Just in time for the weekend: from today, PL4Y’s brand new concept, AFTERP4RTY, can be streamed. The hardstyle DJ, signed to Savage Squad Recordings, shows his funniest side. With his expertise in video productions, PL4Y knows how to create a well-coherent project, but it’s not necessarily going to be slick. “That just contributes to the theme.”

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AFTERP4RTY is a recurring concept from PL4Y. Starting today, you can expect a packed stream every three months on both YouTube and SoundCloud. “I like a bit of humor,” says PL4Y. “I want to show something in this way that also radiates a little bit of me. AFTERP4RTY contains my latest music, current favorites and maybe even some crazy edits. I think I have made a nice combination of being able to deliver something unserious at the highest quality.”


PL4Y envisions that people can play this at their own afterparty, but also while driving, at work, in their spare time or in the gym. Regardless of your activity, watching AFTERP4RTY ensures an experience that is never going to be boring. “There’s always something crazy happening in this stream. In this episode, mini snacks are served while I’m behind the booth, and one of which is still frozen. Every now and then I put on different glasses or a hat, or I suddenly have a pillow fight with someone in a unicorn onesie.”


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“Bringing you the most unserious mix in the highest quality”

The FIRSTP4RTY unfolds in a living room setting, giving off the vibe that an afterparty has just wrapped up. “There are props everywhere to keep you entertained, such as confetti, balloons, breakers, noodles, all kinds of fun glasses and other essentials you need to get through your after-hours.”

Although PL4Y really likes the living room setting of the first mix, he also hopes to make the setting larger and more beautiful in the future. No matter which location is the focus, it always seems like there is an afterparty taking place. In any case, the plans for the concept are big. “I could also involve other people, and I want to include more fun skits in the future.”

The first AFTERP4RTY mix by PL4Y can now be listened to on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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