Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Nightcraft’s career is currently on the rise. At the end of last year he made the jump to the main label of SCANTRAXX. After releasing two collabs, today he introduces his first solo release on the main label, called ‘Not Alone’. “For me, this track is a spiritual milestone in my career.”

In an interview with, Nightcraft talks about his first solo release on the main label of SCANTRAXX. His signature sound is clearly evident in ‘Not Alone’, says the hardstyle DJ. “I always say that I like ‘contrast’ in my tracks. I want to convey feeling and emotion in my tracks through great melodies and vocals that match that feeling.”

You can clearly hear that contrast in ‘Not Alone’. “I made the contrast in the track as big as possible by dropping the mid intro extra hard with deep kicks and screaming screeches,” Nightcraft explains. When he was working on this song in the studio, the trancy-uplifting melody of the track immediately made him happy.

“Unexpected collaborations are on their way”

Before Nightcraft moved on to SCANTRAXX’s main label at the end of 2023, he signed with SCANTRAXX Silver in 2019. Ever since the start of his career as a hardstyle artist, the label has felt like a family to him. “I have made new best friends in recent years that I am very happy with,” says the DJ.

Nightcraft expects to release a lot of new music next year. In addition to solo tracks, unexpected collaborations are also planned. Nightcraft’s ‘Not Alone’ is out now. Stream the track on your favorite streaming service or download the track via


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