Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

For some dj’s the sky is the limit and everything well, but some of the artists are facing a true dead end. That was also the case for Nightfall, a hardstyle dj and producer where we didn’t hear much about. Jeffrey van Zanten, who’s behind the alias of Nightfall, announced that he throws the towel into the ring and quits. This means that the career of two and a half years of Nightfall comes to an end.

It wasn’t a real surprise for most of the people, but in consultation with Fusion (his label) Nightfall decided to pull the plug. He tells his followers that he and his teams have put a lot of time and effort in the project called Nightfall:

“Since the beginning of Nightfall, we have done everything we can to make it happen and keep you entertained. Nightfall was my dream and my passion. Everyday i woke up with hardstyle on my mind, and I went to bed with it. This month, in consultation with Fusion, I decided to pull the plug out Nightfall.”

His latest release dated from the 20th of June recently, which was called Louder. But this production didn’t really take off in numbers. We also didn’t hear this track pounding through the speakers that often this summer. Nightfall, who we know from his performances at Loudness, Defqon.1 and who was also featured in the Unleashed Podcast by Digital Punk, will however keep on working in the studio. He will continue his focus on producing in his spare time. We’re talking about other music genres than hardstyle and just as a hobby – nothing professional wise. Last but not least, Nightfall would like to have a last word to the harder styles community. “It was an honor to entertain you and to be part of the hardstyle family. Thank you again for the support!”

We wish Nightfall the best of luck with his career.

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