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By Leonie Schott

Noisecontrollers is just about to release his 200th track. He’s known as one of the pioneers of hardstyle music and is in this business for more than a decade. Considering this is “one of the largest discographies ever created by a hardstyle artist”, the 200th published song surely has to be celebrated in style. With his own event: Noisecontrollers & Friends.

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When Noisecontrollers advised on his socials to save the 28th December 2019, using #CelebrateNC200, we knew something is coming. Now the word is out: Noisecontrollers will host his very own event “to celebrate his greatest musical milestone to date”: his 200th release. Bas not only invites fans to this anniversary, but also his closest friends from the hardstyle DJ scene. Together with acts like Wildstylez, Bass Modulators and Audiotricz, he promises to deliver “a once in a lifetime experience filled with specials, unexpected b2b’s and lots of new music & collabs”. Visitors of the event can look forward to a NC200 showcase, a NCBM live set, Classics by Attack Again and a closing set by Kasparov (the former hardcore project of Noisecontrollers).

This is the Noisecontrollers & Friends line-up

Bass Modulators
Devin Wild
MC Tellem

“I definitely won’t stop soon and have a lot more coming up for you the next few months…”

Bas announced already months ago he’s working on his 200th release and began counting towards it. He started the countdown, “the road to 200 released productions”, as the hardstyle DJ himself likes to calls it, with Headlights’ (#196). Now he’s already at #198 with his newest track ‘Shine’, which means he now nearly made it to the destination. But this destination is not the end: “After releasing almost 200 tracks, the art of creation influences my life incredibly and means the world to me. I definitely won’t stop soon and have a lot more coming up for you the next few months… we’ll shake the world of hardstyle!”

Noisecontrollers started in 2005 as a duo and in 2007 they officially released their first tracks. From 2013 on, Bas continued this journey of success alone. He made anthems for the biggest events in the scene, like Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor and Q-BASE, hosted his own X-Qlusive event and made it five times in the DJ Mag Top 100 list. For Noisecontrollers’ 10 years anniversary, a documentary about his career got published. After releasing tracks on several labels, such as Fusion Records, Scantraxx Records, his own labels Noisecontrol Records and Digital Age (with Wildstylez), he took a further step in his career. Together with Atmozfears, Audiotricz and Bass Modulators, he founded the label Spirit Of Hardstyle in 2017. On this label #199 ‘The Approach’ will be released soon, before the milestone is reached and Bas awaits you for his event Noisecontrollers & Friends.

Noisecontrollers & Friends

The anniversary event Noisecontrollers & Friends will be celebrated at 013 in Tilburg on 28th December 2019. Ticket sales starts on 24th September on Noisecontrollers’ official website

Footage taken from Instagram page Noisecontrollers

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