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By Mark de Rond

In the Instagram story of Noisecontrollers you can see he was in Germany last night. He wasn’t there just for the fun, he even made a guest appearance during the event ’25 years Wild & Wicked’ of Scooter. 

With some posts in his story he tried to show his followers where he was hanging out. After that, he reposted a short story where no other than Scooter himself announced him. He even made a remix of ‘Move Your Ass!’, a track from Scooter. After his performance he refered to this night with the quote “The chase is better than the catch”, lyrics he is of the track ‘How much is the fish’.

Noisecontrollers makes his appearance during ’25 years Wild & Wicked’

Scooter, famous of his track ‘One’ (always hardcore), is touring with his show ’25 years Wild & Wicked’. Today the German will perform at a sold out AFAS Live with his tour. If Noisecontrollers will make his appearance again isn’t clear.


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The chase is better than the catch!

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  • Re-Jector 08 December 2018 - 16:06

    Scooter is they, not one man, but three, band :)


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