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After a period of silence for almost a year, Noiseshock spoke about his choice to stop. At his socials he speaks openly about what he was up to in the mean time and why he decided to take a break for a while.

Noiseshock, know from his tracks ‘Echoes’ and ‘Another World’ together with Refuzion, or his performance at Defqon.1 2016, decided to take a break last year. “As of today, Noiseshock is no more. Thanks for the great support over the years. Its time for something new”, he wrote at his socials. Now, it turns out that the former Scantraxx DJ returend to his decision to quit.

(Too) Fast breaktrough

“Although I only made it official that I was taking a break about a year ago, it’s been nearly 2 years of very few releases, no news at all and some wrong versions floating around. I understand that some followers would like a real heads up so here we go”, Noiseshock starts telling. He explains that he didn’t break lose from the music fully. Last year he worked on some co-productions for various projects.

After a busy summer in Holland, the DJ started to hate his own music. “That is perfectly normal and happens to almost all artists sooner or later.” Jose reached everything he dreamed of at once. Performing at festivals in Europe together with artists that inspired him for years. “It seemed so unreachable but within a few years it was all before my eyes. After that it was like, “ok and now what’s the point?”. It was hard to snap out of it, but mostly because it takes a while until you accept it.”

Noiseshock is working on new music

In that same period, the scene started shifting towards a direction that Noiseshock didn’t understand at that time. That wasn’t a motivation for him at all, but he doesn’t want to blame it all on that. “So I decided to step away for a while and I think it was a great decision, because I’ve found that motivation again, and now that I look back all enlightened to those dark times my reaction is “wtf was I thinking”.”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, glimlacht

Shortly, the DJ had a moment where all lose ends came together and it became all clear to him. “I’ve realised this can’t be the way I go out. I have so much to give with this music thing and I’m quite sure it’s my duty in this life, so why not just do it. I’m currently fine-tuning a bunch of tracks – older ones, new ones, some of them getting daily messages from people who want them released.”

When Noiseshock will release these new tracks isn’t clear at this point. If you want to stay up-to-date about this new tracks, you should keep an eye out at the socials of Noiseshock.

Photo by Facebook page Mindrockerz

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