Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The collab between Paul Elstak and GPF is one that fans never expected, but ‘Vet En Hard’ still turns out to be a pleasant surprise. This unforeseen collaboration between the gentlemen (and vocalist Boogshe) suddenly appeared on the mainstage of Intents, has been streamed massively since its release and has even been labeled as “worthy mainstage material”. Yes, you read that right!

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“DJ Paul, make it f*cking Greazy”, is a combination like peanut butter and jelly: at first you don’t expect it to belong together, but nevertheless it turns out to be damn tasty. As a founder, Paul Elstak has been proclaimed The Godfather of Hardcore and would never start with piepkicks, let alone merge with GPF – the king of peeps and pink (scrotum-shaped) attributes. You had never imagined this combo between the hardcore of two extremes before, right…?

Fortunately, Paul Elstak, GPF and Boogshe managed to reach a compromise: no penises and no peepkicks. After an earlier attempt that failed 4 years ago because “it didn’t sound like a GPF x Paul collaboration at all so it was never finished”, ‘Vet En Hard’ is the track we were waiting for. The mainstage of Intents hosted the trio’s big premiere, resulting in a lot of raised eyebrows that turned into a sea of ​​wide grins. No one could have seen this coming out of Paul and therealgpf’s magic hat – yet it’s a hit right in the hardcore bullseye with streaming numbers rising.

The essential of gabber and the gimmick of greazy fit seamlessly in ‘Vet En Hard’

Paul Elstak x GPF x Boogshe – ‘Vet En Hard’ was released last month and the reactions are flooding in. Check it out and judge for yourself via all official Greazy Records channels. You will undoubtedly hear ‘Vet En Hard’ more often at the biggest festivals this summer. If even Paul Elstak from #FrontAntiPiepKicks is convinced, then this is definitely a candidate for the most surprising collab of the year. What do you think?

Footage via Paul Elstak en GPF

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