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After great album news of Radical Redemption and Warface, we now also have good news from Austria! Austrian Hardstyle DJ Paulistos will release his first album ‘Our Power’ very soon. For us a good reason to ask this artist a couple of questions about his album and the Hardstyle scene in Austria.

His album ‘Our Power’

How and when did you come up with idea of an album?

I had the idea about 2 years ago, it was kind of a goal set to me by myself. I have released some EPs already, but felt the challenge for an album is quite some bigger. It is so hard when you have finished a track to keep it back and not show to your fans to see their reactions straight away. I´m so happy that I finally made it happen.

How did you come up with the name ‘Our Power’?
The album contains a lot of collabs and has a track included called “Our Power”. I felt it describes best what this album is about, the power of our music and hardstyle.

What can people expect of your new album?
14 tracks from euphoric to raw, wearing my signature of sound. Including a lot of collabs and some of the tracks has already been picked by the best names in the scene already. So I really hope for the best.

How can your sound be described?
Hard kicks, crunchy screeches and mostly melodic. I try to take you back in time as well as showing you the power of modern music.

People have already had the chance to hear your track ‘Circus of Horror’, when X-Pander played it at Defqon.1 and Unresolved used it in a promo mix. How is it to hear your own tracks like that?
I feel this to be the biggest achievement, when big names pick up your track and you can watch the people go crazy to it on a big festival. I don’t think there´s any better reward or higher value for doing this besides the appreciation of the fans, that’s when you realise there´s nothing more true than music.

Hardstyle in Austria

How is the hardstyle scene in Austria?
If you compare it to the Netherlands pretty small. Our scene has still been growing a lot over the past 5 years. Finally we do have festivals with hardstyle stages. Unfortunately there´s not really many events and we still have potential to grow. I also think it would help to grow the Austrian scene a lot by having some names playing more on the big festivals in NL to create a better standing for Austrian Hardstyle in the world.

How is it to be a hardstyle DJ in a country with such a small scene?
It is very though sometimes. I have more bookings in The Netherlands and Germany than in Austria because there is not so many parties here. No Radio station plays hardstyle and there´s no Austrian media platform at all for the harder styles.

Have you ever thought about moving to The Netherlands?
Yes, there was some thoughts years back. I’ve been into the harder styles for over 20 years now and The Netherlands always was the #1 for my music. Still I love to live here and want to support my local scene and help to make Austrian Hardstyle known to the world.

Perhaps event promoters are reading this, why should they book you?
I always bring fresh and exclusive tracks for my gigs and I´m well prepared for any theme a hardstyle party can have either its RAW or Euphoric. I´ve played over 250 gigs in 7 countries small to big and proved that I can rock any stage any time. Just give me a place on your stage and I´ll make the roof come down.

A bit more personal

How old were you when you first came in contact with hardstyle?
Around 18.

How would your girlfriend describe you?
Haha in her own words: “Chaotic, charmy and lazy ass except if its music”.

You’re very busy with your music, do you have any others hobbies besides being a DJ?
Snowboarding en playing games.

Any last words for your fans?
Thanks for all your support and see you at my next gigs!

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