Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

After several sold-out editions in AFAS Live and SilverDome, Dr. Peacock and organization BKJN Events have chosen to return this year to the place where it all started. On December 2, 2023, Peacock in Concert will be held again after four years in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. “013 creates an intimate setting with the audience.”

After shows at three editions of Defqon.1 (once at the RED, twice in the BLACK), a sold-out AFAS Live and the SilverDome, the Peacock in Concert orchestra will return to Poppodium 013 in Tilburg at the end of this year. “I think it is the most beautiful location for a concert,” says Dr. Peacock know. “The sound is perfect and the floor slopes upwards so that the entire audience can see the show. The audience is much closer to the artist than at previous locations, allowing the show to be experienced more intensely.”

Peacock in Concert is “a rollercoaster of emotions”

Dr. Peacock describes the atmosphere of his concerts as powerful and euphoric. “I try to create a rollercoaster of emotions. We go into depth, touch on dark themes, think about life and can go wild with cheerful Trip To Ireland music. The atmosphere is full of discharge, I would almost call it magical.”

Dr. Peacock & Sacha Hoedemaker (pianist) work intensively together to take the show musically to unprecedented heights. “Together with a dedicated team of musicians, who now also have a heart for this music, it is fantastic to work together.”

Peacock in Concert 2024 - In The Year 2222

Due to the intensive preparations, there are currently no more than two Peacock in Concert shows per year. “We spend about four to five months preparing for each show. From writing music notes to practice sessions across the country, there is a lot involved in rehearsing and preparing.” This year, he was involved in all facets of the concert, from the show to the lighting plan and the sound. “This way, visitors really get the experience that I want them to have.”

In The Year 2222

The theme of Dr. Peacock in Concert in December is ‘In The Year 2222’. This hints to Dr. Peacock about the dangers of AI, because he wants to create more awareness for this subject. “AI is an actual and intriguing topic. I find it super interesting to delve into this and get inspiration from it. I want to convey the message in a light-hearted way that technology is currently moving so fast that we cannot even realize it.”

An anthem is currently in the making that also conveys this message. “It’s a deep, melodic track that makes you think.” Through the anthem, the storyline in the sets and visuals during the show, you are drawn further into the story. Furthermore, Dr. Peacock won’t reveal anything about the upcoming edition. Above all, he wants visitors to be surprised. “Come to the concert with an open mind and let the story take you along.”

The next edition of Peacock in Concert will be held on December 2, 2023 at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Tickets can be purchased from October 23 19:00 via the official ticket website. Pre-register now to gain 1 hour early access to ticket sales.

Peacock in Concert 2024 - In The Year 2222

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