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By Wouter de Vink

The news about Phuture Noize keeps coming in. His own party at 013 Tilburg, of which he has just revealed the line-up, with a new show concept and an album that will be released in 2023! Time to catch up with him.

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Phuture Noize is known for his melodic and atmospheric sound. A sound that certainly will be heard on his album ‘from star to stardust’. The album will be released in 2023, although he will keep the release date a secret for now. Today he will announce the line-up of his solo show in the 013 in Tilburg, which will take place on February 25, 2023. A solo show like never seen before. Expect a lot of new music, live musicians and innovative visuals. The line-up is as following:

black mirror society presents phuture noize: from star to stardust

Hard Driver
Phuture Noize
MC Livid

Interview with Phuture Noize about his album, upcoming show and from star to stardust

Can you tell us more about the title and what we can expect from the album?

“I don’t really want to give too much away yet, but broadly speaking the concept is based on the idea that we are all just human. No one is really good enough to rise above the rest, it’s all a construction designed to make us to feel comfortable. From stardust we were born and in dust we shall end.”

In February next year, you organise a party in the 013, which is named after the album. Will this be the official album release?

“No, this is not yet the full release of the album! I will be showing the new show concept for the first time at this show, at least we are busy with the new show.”

In the trailer of the event you set yourself on fire, what is the story behind this?

“The idea was to show that every person is replaceable, no matter how great you are as an artist or as a person there is always someone ready to replace you. And even if you think you are irreplaceable, the world keeps turning. The reason I specifically set myself on fire is to show that I have to exceed myself in every project and work I make. As if I am new again, that I have to leave the old me behind and fight just as hard to to put something fat.”

Today you announced the line-up of the event. Since it is your own event, you will probably look at the names differently than if you were booked somewhere. How did you come up with this line-up?

“At first I wanted to create a line-up that has the best hardstyle vibe for me. I personally think that lately there has been too much focus on promoting the harder spectrum of the genre, while I spent the last festival summer I’ve noticed that the fans also like a much wider range, I have nothing against the harder spectrum and I think it’s great to be able to hear a few harder DJ sets in one night, but the same energy all evening detracts from the day I think.”

Finally, what can fans expect from your 013 show?

“Lots of new music! I’ll be showing a lot of new work from the upcoming album already and I’m going to deliver it in the way that best fits the concept of the album. We’re still busy with the show, but there are already a lot of great ideas that are quite unique in the hardstyle scene and therefore make the show a unique experience!”

“Get ready for a brand new Phuture Noize show with live musicians and a lot of befriended DJs”

Black mirror society presents phuture noize: from star to stardust takes place on February 25, 2023 at the 013 in Tilburg. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website. His new track ‘Eye of the Storm’ will be released next Friday (December 9) and is already available for pre-saving.

Footage taken from Facebook page Phuture Noize


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