Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Marco Spronk, better known as Phuture Noize, revealed a stunning fact yesterday: he has finished a brand-new album. Wait, he hasn’t announced that he’s working on it first? Nope, he skipped that part and jumped straight to “it’s finished!” It’s his third album after Music Rules The Noize and Phuture Propaganda. The new album will be his first solo-album, after he and Antoine Kraaij decided to split up last year.

“Countless hours I’ve spent in the dark.. Now I can step up and let you know my brand new artist album is finished.”

Different view
A story. That’s what Marco wants to tell people with his music. If it’s about awareness of media manipulations or the dark side of religions, Marco wants his music to have an effect on the listeners. Therefore, his music is very innovative and he is sought to be one of the most talented producers in the hardstyle scene.

“People still have the idea that I’m going completely mad behind the decks, but I want to create a storyline. The audience, and myself included, seem to have some difficulties with these opposite expectations.”

The split
In 2015 Phuture Noize made an announcement. The performance at Q-BASE would be their final one as a duo. Marco and Antoine had some musical differences. Especially Antoine, who got more and more interested in dubstep and acid house. They split up so both can direct their own future in music. Marco’s future will be Phuture Noize and hardstyle.

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