Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Phuture Noize has announced that there’s a lot more new music coming. After the release of the Black Mirror Society album last year, there will now be a Deluxe Edition as well.

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According to Phuture Noize, the release will contain the originial CD but also another one filled with brand new music.  “It features a brand new cd full of new music plus the original cd and its coming very soon”, aldus Marco. So is it an album, or now? The ending hashtag decides. #kindofnewalbum2k19.

The already released Black Mirror Society was released in June 2018 and nowadays we can still enjoy the live-acts of Black Mirror Society – Decibel outdoor has just been added to the calendar. The concept even has its own Instagram account.

Phuture Noize announcing the Black Mirror Society Deluxe Edition

That’s it for updates from the Phuture Noize studio for today. When the album will be released, is unknown for now. “It’s coming very soon!”

Cover image via Facebook page Phuture Noize

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