Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

His fans have been waiting for it: the forth album of Phuture Noize. The young producer is quite experienced when it comes to albums. After Music Rules The Noize, Phuture Propaganda and Pursuit Of Thunder, Phuture Noize has reached a new milestone. Just a few days after the first birthday of Pursuit Of Thunder, Marco brings his fans Black | Mirror Society and yesterday, the DJ/producer revealed the tracklist of this album.

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In his last few gigs, Phuture Noize already presented the audience a sneak peek of his new albumtracks. During Dance4liberation for example, the track ‘United States Of Amnesia’ was played. In his Qlimax-set you could already listen to ‘Black Mirror Society’ and ‘Drift Away’. Apart from the tracks that could be heard in his Qlimax-set, Black | Mirror Society holds 10 additional tracks.

Phuture Noize presents Black | Mirror Society tracklist

With the 12 tracks listed down-below, Phuture Noize presents his fourth album. He said the following on his Facebook-page: “It kept me busy for 7 months, I can’t fucking wait!”. The release of the album will be celebrated during his – already sold-out – albumreleaseparty on the 8th of June.

Coverpicture via Julian Spanhof

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