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By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, Phuture Noize announced more about his new album Black Mirror Society Deluxe Edition. Besides the CD2 tracklist, Phuture Noize also explains the background story of the Deluxe concept and he gives away something about the future. 

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Earlier, Phuture Noize already announced he would come out with a Deluxe Edition of his Black Mirror Society album, on which both the original album (CD1) and the deluxe edition (CD2) would be found. In his new post, Phuture Noize doesn’t only explain the background story of this concept, but also tells he will take a break from producing for a couple of months; since he created almost 3 albums in 2.5 years.

“I never meant to create a new album so this is more a collection of new music I wanted to make for my Black Mirror Society Shows. I tried making music that fitted the vibe of Black Mirror Society. So it’s not a full new concept album like Black Mirror Society, more just dope music I wanted to release for you guys. After this I am going to take a step back in production and try to begin something new…”

“A collection of music I wanted to make for my Black Mirror Society shows”

Black Mirror Society Deluxe Edition will officially be released on the 18th of July, and before this Phuture Noize will share a pre-order link. The complete CD2 tracklist of the album can be found down below, along with the entire Phuture Noize post.

Black Mirror Society Deluxe Edition tracklist:

1. I wasted all of my time
2. Avenue of rendez-vous
3. A new day
4. Hyperspace
5. Monster
6. I am screaming out
7. United states of amnesia (Forget this edit)
8. Edge of Glory
9. Fire (black mirror society edit)
10. The beginning of something new

Footage via Facebook-page Phuture Noize 

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