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By Mark de Rond

Last Thursday, Prefix & Density announced their debut album The Second Pathway is coming our way soon. The album will be released on the new Roughstate label, Rough Recruits. Plenty of reason, therefore, for us to talk about the album with the makers Bas and Wouter.

The debut album is divided into three parts: Awareness, The Journey and Take Over. The name of the album, The Second Pathway, literally means walking on a different path. Does this then mean the duo is taking a whole different path in music; different than we know from Prefix & Density“No, I don’t think we are walking down a whole new path. It’s more a more personal title for us. We have taken a good look at ourselves in order to be able to make the next step. We are approaching things a little more different, so our musical style has matured.”

“We are still making melodic tracks and dare to go harder sometimes”, so Wouter tells us. “Some people may see this as a second chance, but maybe that’s an overstatement”, Bas adds. So you feel a second chance is an overstatement, but then how should we look at it? “We have a very clear image of what we want Prefix & Density to look like”, they tell us. “We have been in the studio many times where we didn’t always get in the right flow. Now we were able to add a more personal meaning to our music which fits us well.”

The name, The Second Pathway, can be related to the new release on Rough Recruits according to the two men. “Rough Recruits is perfect for us because we match in style of producing. Furthermore, Bob (B-Front) has supported us from the beginning and we also have a good relationship with the label. Bob has played our track ‘Taking Over’ several times and this track will be on the new album as well”, so Wouter explains.

“The biggest struggle so far? Do you have a minute?”

Awareness is the first part of the album and refers to your self-awareness. Are there any tracks on this album that you made in the beginning of your career, but never released before? “No, the album will only contain new solo tracks. Every track on this part of the album means something to us from the beginning of our career until now. The track ‘Reflection’ is about the self-reflection we needed, together with the self-reflection of others”, according to Bas. “‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a track about getting your thoughts in line, about what we really wanted. It’s difficult when you’re not in the right flow, so you have to keep your thoughts in line in order to produce good music again”, Wouter adds.

In the course of their career, there hasn’t been one clear struggle for them. The guys can, however, tell us about the world of hardstyle and that it’s not always one big party. “The biggest struggle so far? Do you have a minute?” they say laughing. “You prefer to produce music and play at festivals, but all the stuff around it really drains your energy. You are dealing with a lot of people with different interests, which makes it hard as artists. The second part, The Journey, has something to do with that.”

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The biggest challenge for Wouter and Bas is something they’re very proud of: it’s the challenge to reach the point where they are now, together. The guys met online, after which they began to send demo’s to each other. “The way we achieved this together has been quite a challenge, but we are also very proud of it. The third part, Take Over, has to do with that”, so Wouter explains. “For the upcoming period the biggest challenge will be to stay in the flow in which we are right now, with The Second Pathway. Very often we hear from fellow artists their energy level has drained so much after releasing an album, and that is something we try to avoid. We both have our ways to do that”, so adds Bas.

“These are the special moments for which you do it all”

On Instagram, Prefix & Density often let us know they are busy with reaching a new level of quality. “It especially is the improvement of our sound. You can compare it to art: everyone prefers something else, so to determine a certain level of quality yourself is difficult. As long as you stand behind your tracks for 100%. That’s the most important aspect. We also inspire to make unique music each and every time, which is the reason we don’t come out with an album or something like that every year. Finishing the tracks is actually the most difficult part of the job: it can take weeks and sometimes months to perfect some minor details. This is also why it took a bit longer for us to come out with our debut album. You can compare it to a artist, he doesn’t reveal his piece when he isn’t completely satisfied with it.”

The most special moment they have experienced with their fans is very clear for both artists. “This year we played at Decibel during the Night Party. We have a loyal fanbase, but at that moment they really surprised us”, so Wouter starts. “They were running into the tent when our set was about to begin. The stage was packed in no-time. These are the special moments for which you do it all. It shows what you mean to these people with your music, and that is very special”, so Bas adds.

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The album is a lot more than just some dope tracks. There is a deeper message to be found in this album. “Once, we got a message from a fan who was listening to our tracks during a difficult time. It helped the fan with picking up on their ‘daily routine’ in life. That is an example of the special meaning we want to bring our fans and something we are very proud of. It feels very special when you receive a message like that”, so Wouter tells. “We want to make our fans think, so we try to make more than just music. For example to relive a special feeling or event because of one of our tracks.”

It’s clear the guys from Prefix & Density think out of the box for more than just their tracks. The trailer in which they announced The Second Pathway was filled with hints and tips about the tracklist. You also get to look deep into the eyes of Wouter and Bas. “This album is a bit about how we see it and how we experienced making the album. In the trailer there are some hidden hints about the tracklist. Some of them are very obvious, others aren’t, but we won’t give away all of them. We want to keep it open for the fans’ imagination. And you have to admit, the fun of deciphering all these hints disappears when we spoil everything!”

When The Second Pathway will be released, isn’t known yet. The only thing we do know is that it will come out in the beginning of 2019. The guys are still busy with some finishing touches to the album. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see!

Photos via Facebook page Prefix & Density and website b2s

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