Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The men from Prefix & Density have just announced they are quitting. After being in the hardstyle scene for many years, Bas & Wouter will each go their separate ways. 

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Prefix & Density have had countless of bookings such as Defqon.1, Tomorrowland, QAPITAL and Q-BASE, and through the years they came out with a lot of well-known tracks such as ‘Time Travel’, ‘Hellfire’ and ‘Soundwaves’. Only a few months ago, the duo announced their very first album The Second Pathway, but unfortunately it seems to end here.

“It’s been on our mind for a while now, things changed a lot between the years we started until now. It’s definitely not an easy decision when you have just released an album, which we are really proud of and always will be. And of course we are still friends, we have respect for the decisions we both make.”

The men will each go their separate ways; Bas will leave the hardstyle scene, but Wouter will keep performing. How and when we will see him again isn’t known yet, but Prefix & Density do explain there is a new er project incoming.

“Bas has made the decision to carry on outside Hardstyle. He wants to focus more on his job and everything else live has to offer. Music-wise Wouter is going to continue to make Hardstyle and perform, doing the thing he loves doing the most. Putting his passion into a new project. More about this after our latest gigs together.”

“We are both going to walk our own path”

Prefix & Density will still perform their final shows, among which Defqon.1 and WISH Outdoor, and will then go their own way. The complete announcement can be found down below. For now we want to thank Bas & Wouter, and we wish them the very best!

Footage via Facebook-page Prefix & Density 

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