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By Wouter de Vink

At the end of June it’s time for the Mekka of the harder styles: Defqon.1 Festival 2018. Many fans across the globe consider this event as the paradise of the harder styles. The festival terrain is huge in its size and offers music for anyone that prefers a hard beat. Ten area’s are available to party at. It doesn’t matter if you buy a one-day ticket or a full-weekend pass, as long as you go wild!

Defqon.1 Festival takes place from the 22nd of June until the 25th of June at the event terrain Biddinghuizen. Die-hards can enjoy the best of the harderstyles from Friday to Monday morning. Hardstyle, hardcore, industrial, freestyle, raw and classics are just a few styles which are represented. Although there isn’t a lot of information revealed yet for the upcoming edition, we were able to write an extended article about what you can expect at Defqon.1 2018.

Defqon.1 Festival 2018

If there is one thing that reminds us of Defqon.1, it’s the theme that Q-Dance creates every year. All the themes have something to do with survival and team spirit. Thousands of Weekend Warriors enter the terrain, which is taken into account at the promotions of the event. ‘Weekend Warriors’‘Survival of the Fittest’‘No Guts No Glory’‘Dragonblood’ and ‘Victory Forever’. This year Defqon is doing it a little bit different. A giant Defqon mammoth is now featured at the new poster. This year’s theme is Maximum Force.

defqon.1 2018 festival

New this year at Defqon.1 2018 – Maximum Force

You can pre-register yourself for Defqon.1 Festival 2018. This means you have to fill in some information to keep yourself informed about the ticket sale and have priority when you are going to buy a ticket. Attention: This does not mean you are guaranteed with a ticket. Pre-register yourself now at the official website by Q-dance.

New this year are the Premium Tickets. To bring extra luxury to your Defqon.1 Weekend. The profits are:

  • Access to the Premium Decks at the RED, BLUE & BLACK, included:
    • Premium toilets
    • Premium bars
  • The best view to watch  POWER HOUR, The Endshow and The Closing Ceremony at the RED
  • The best view to watch The Gathering at the BLUE and BLACK.
  • Free locker
  • Fast lane by every Defqon.1 entrance
  • Premium gadget

Music for everybody

Defqon.1 is also recognized for its specific colors, as every stage has its own color. The colors symbolize the music style of the each area. The following areas were part of Defqon.1 2017:

  • RED (mainstage hardstyle)
  • BLUE (raw hardstyle)
  • BLACK (hardcore)
  • UV (euphoric hardstyle)
  • GOLD (early rave / millennium hardcore)
  • MAGENTA (early hardstyle / hardstyle classics)
  • WHITE (freestyle)
  • INDIGO (extra raw hardstyle)
  • SIlVER (industrial hardcore)
  • PURPLE (talent hardstyle)
  • YELLOW (frenchcore / uptempo / terror)

Defqon.1 Festival registrations

Q-Dance just loves registrations. Many Defqon.1 registrations of 2017 are already uploaded to the YouTube channel. Some of them are available for streaming now:

Line-up Defqon.1 Festival 2017

You just red about all the area’s at Defqon.1 Festival. Like you know Defqon.1 is offering a lot of music to all it’s visitors. More than 250 artists performed at Defqon.1 2017. You can read the line-up from last year here.

Defqon.1 2018

If you want to be informed about Defqon.1 2018, keep an eye at the Facebook-page and Instagram-account. And ofcourse Hardnews.nl.

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