Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

According to Prime Minister De Croo, it will be possible to organize larger festivals in Belgium again in the second half of the summer. The Prime Minister spoke about this last weekend with several organizations, including Tomorrowland.

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Next Tuesday, the Consultation Committee of Belgium will determine the conditions for the organization of festivals, says newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. This would also involve a green certificate: Prime Minister De Croo discussed the elaboration of that European vaccination passport with his European colleagues during the European Council this weekend. Those who do not have a vaccination would have to undergo rapid testing every day and festivals would be open only to European visitors.

“By August, all adults in our Belgium will have had the chance to get vaccinated”, said the Belgian Prime Minister. “In addition, we have a tremendous amount of expertise in the events and festival sector in our country. These are professionals who are among the best in the world.”

‘Belgium might have major festivals again in the second half of this summer’

In addition, tickets should be personalized (which has been implemented more often in recent years), to enable tracing. It is not yet known how many visitors may be present and when events may take place again. In the field of harder styles, The Qontinent, Sunrise Festival and So W’Happy are on the agenda this summer in Belgium..

Footage taken Facebook page Tomorrowland

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