Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

On the first of April, QAPITAL returns to the almighty Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam for its fifth edition. This year, the Public Enemies have gained the honour of producing the anthem. the anthem is called ‘Start The Rage’ and appeared online on the 23th of February. We got the chance to ask some questions about the anthem en about the act to the Public Enemies.

Gentlemen, first of all congratulations for having the opportunity to make this year’s QAPITAL anthem. What were your first reactions when you heard this?
“Let’s fucking do this”

This is your first time playing at QAPITAL, the biggest raw hardstyle event out there. What are your expectations?
“This will be without a doubt an amazing show. A kick-ass location and surrounded by the most dedicated RAW fans in the world. This is the champions league for the RAW fanatics.”

The anthem has been online for some time now. How did the process of making the track go from concept to final track? How much time did it cost you?
“The theme of this years edition fits perfectly with what we as Public Enemies stand for, so this really gave us a kick-start in the beginning of the process. A lot of time was put into this anthem off course, but everything went smoothly. We made it before the deadline with an end result we are really proud off and that’s what it’s all about.”

Did the idea for an anthem just appear, or did it take a lot of time to find the right sound and melody?
“We had the idea pretty fast. After playing with the melody for some time we came across the right one which felt really good to us. When this part of the track is created, the rest will follow pretty fast. We really wanted to create that anthem vibe with catchy vocals and a nice melody. We succeeded!”

What makes ‘Start The Rage’ a true QAPITAL anthem?
“It’s RAW, melodic and catchy vocals and heavy kicks, but mostly it creates a bond in the crowd and that’s what made this track a true QAPITAL anthem.”

Besides the anthem, there is the part where you have to play the rest of the set haha. Are you going to play a lot of new material?
“Well it’s not like we have any old material yet ;) but will definitely play some new tracks as well. We will bring everything we have got during the show!”

Let’s start at the beginning. Q-BASE 2016 was your first performance. How were you guys approached for this gig? Did the act already exist at the time?
“The act was already there behind the scenes. After we pitched the live act at Q-dance a lot of positive interest was created pretty fast. Soon after we were invited to perform at Q-BASE. An amazing event to present a new act off course!”

public-enemies-qbaseHow is the collaboration between you guys in the studio? Do you have a certain agreement on who does what?
“It is going very well, even better than expected. We are both very dedicated and we know how to complement each other. We always have very nice and very efficient studio sessions together.”

What are your plans for the future as Public Enemies? Has the word ‘album’ come up already or are there some big events that are already planned?
“There are definitely some nice and big events in the agenda, so this summer is going to be a good one. Music wise, we won’t sit still. What will come from that you will discover when the time passes.”

It’s obvious that the Public Enemies can’t wait for the first of April when they will demolish the Ziggo Dome during their set at QAPITAL. Besides their speaker destroying anthem, they will also play some new music. One thing is certain, every single RAW fanatic can expect an amazing night throughout. Citizens, prepare yourself for QAPITAL!


  • ZIKKBOY 23 March 2017 - 08:23

    Congratz on Best Qapital Anthem Drop in my opinion ?really made a Great Rush :D
    To bad imma miss it :(
    Looking at fucked up finds $$$ for doing shit datz barly illegal in my eyes haha xD


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