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By Wouter de Vink

It’s the week of Qlimax, the largest indoor harder styles event on earth. This Saturday, the GelreDome would be the place for nearly 30.000 fans, enjoying that enormous (but especially impressive) stage. However, the well-known coronavirus does not allow this, but organisation Q-dance has managed to get the hardstyle world under the spell again for an excellent alternative: Qlimax The Source. We spoke with Q about this special evening.

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Qlimax would not be Qlimax if it would take a defeatist attitude in these bizarre times. So Q-dance came up with an idea to bring the event to the fans’ homes. “Qlimax The Source is a cinematic hardstyle experience that takes you into the mythical world of Qlimax in a completely new way”, the organization begins to say.

In fact, a production like this has never been done before in the entire event industry. “It is a one-hour trip in which we combine all elements that are central to Qlimax into a powerful entity. Think of groundbreaking show techniques, cool visuals, brand new music, the greatest artists and a mystical story.”

What is Qlimax The Source exactly and what does it look like?

In recent weeks, the artists from the line-up were revealed one by one and DJs such as Headhunterz & JDX, Phuture Noize and B-Front got their very own part in the audiovisual journey. “Qlimax The Source consists of several chapters. Each chapter takes place in a unique location and contains its own artist. The artists all have their own role in the story. In addition, each chapter has its own soundtrack, created by the artist who is linked on that particular chapter.” So a lot of new music, with the well-known Qlimax feeling.

Qlimax The Source line-up (from 20:00 CET)

Headhunterz & JDX

Phuture Noize
Sub Zero Project
The Qreator

The preparations for next Saturday have been going on for quite some time. “For the past few months, we have been filming in all these locations, together with the artists and our best technicians, to create a unique audiovisual experience that perfectly captures the feeling of Qlimax on screen. An important difference is that Qlimax normally takes place in one location, and now taking you to different ones, ranging from mystical temples to otherworldly dimensions.”

Qlimax The Source livestream

“Enter the mystical”

Fans always prepare for Qlimax in their own ways, but this Saturday you will undoubtedly be glued to the tube. As a small teaser of what you can expect, Q-dance says to those who will be watching: “Let it overcome. It really is a completely new hardstyle experience, both for you and for us. The goal is not to understand, but to experience it. If during the film you sometimes gasp for breath, and at the end you think “fuck, this was cool”, then our mission has been accomplished. In addition, we hope that we will give you the best possible Qlimax experience in these crazy times. We can’t wait to go on this trip with you.”

The paid evening of Qlimax The Source consists of three different parts: from 20:00 to 0:30 CET you will be served The Ritual, The Source and The Afterparty. “You can compare it with a three-course menu”, Q-dance explains. “It begins with the starter: The Ritual. This is a short ceremony in which we prepare you for The Source by means of an ultimate tuning. The Source, the main course, starts immediately after this. Then it is time for the ‘dessert’: The Afterparty. Here we will celebrate the existence of Qlimax with six artists and all the viewers.”

Qlimax The Afterparty line-up (21:20 – 00:30 CET)

The Qreator
Sub Zero Project
Hosted by Villain

During this afterparty everything is pulled out of the closet in a very cool way. “Of course these are not just any sets, since this is about Qlimax. The Afterparty contains sets that have been recorded in a unique visual way at one of the locations of The Source. The way in which it is recorded ensures that it is really part of the trip, and also a nice end to the evening.”

6 new (but especially Qlimax-worthy) tracks

Lately, many fans have been speculating about an anthem for Qlimax The Source. “This is a question we have been asked a lot, and the answer is no. Instead, all the artists have created their own soundtrack for Qlimax The Source, with the result that six (Headhunterz and JDX made one track together) unique Qlimax tracks will be premiered during the online experience. These tracks play a central role during Qlimax The Source and can therefore be heard for the first time on the 28th of November. Of course, they will be released on Q-dance Records afterwards.”

This new music, in combination with the show during the audiovisual journey, will undoubtedly be a highlight in these dark times for the hardstyle scene. “We can’t wait to let you hear all the music; all of them are very good tracks that perfectly contain the Qlimax atmosphere.”

Saturday at 16:00 CET, there will be a free show of 4 hours long – with sets and show moments from the past years, during Qlimax The Legacy. After that, Qlimax The Source will start. Get your tickets for this online experience via Q-dance.com.

Qlimax The Source timetable

Footage taken from Facebook page Qlimax

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