Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

It almost seems impossible to compile a list of the best hardstyle tracks ever made. This cannot be decided by one person, but must be determined by the large crowd of enthusiasts within our scene. At DEDIQATED | 20 years of Q-dance, the organisation will present the result during a special show: Hardstyle Top 25 of all time.

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After 10 years, Q-dance opens the voting for the Hardstyle Top 25 of all time again with pride. Fans are invited to vote for their favorite hardstyle tracks of all time and the results will be presented during a special show at DEDIQATED | 20 years of Q-dance. During this event, special shows will happen, among others The Best of POWER HOUR, The Birth of Raw and The Hardstyle Top 25. 

About the last-named, Q-dance has just come out with additional information and makes a call to all DEDIQATED hardstyle lovers. Fans are invited to vote for their 5 favorite hardstyle tracks of all time, regardless if they’re a current favorite or still give goosebumps after many years. The list to choose from seems endless, but visitors of the event can hope for a good diversity of classics and latest hits. Furthermore, Q-dance reminds that this is not a replacement of the Q-dance top 100 of 2019, about which more information will follow soon.

Q-dance | Hardstyle Top 25 of all time

The voting for the Hardstyle Top 25 is open from now on until 24th November 2019 on the official Q-dance website. DEDIQATED takes place in the GelreDome on 8th February 2020 and if you want to be part of this grand anniversary event, get your tickets via the official ticket sales section on Q-dance’s website.

Footage via Facebook page Q-dance

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