Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Hardstyle is slowly taking over the world, and organisation Q-dance is responsible for a great part of it. After hostings and events in different continents, another country has now been added to the Q-dance list: Mexico!

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Q-dance announced this via a brand new trailer on all its socials: Mexico is officially Q-dance’s newest asset. In the meantime, Q-dance has done quite some travelling: the organisation already set foot in Australia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Belgium, China, Chili, Austria and Brasil.

“Años de especulación guiados por dedicación. Mexico, el tiempo finalmente ha llegado!”

“Years of speculation, driven by dedication”

It’s still unclear what sort of event Q-dance will organise in Mexico. In the past, we have seen a Defqon.1, The Sound of Q-dance and various hostings in several countries, so we might also see a debut of these events in Mexico this year…

Footage via Facebook-page Q-dance 

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