Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Last weekend, all Weekend Warriors were united online, to enjoy Defqon.1 at Home here for three days. More than 8 million people were watching worldwide, and yesterday the online spectacle was closed in true Defqon.1 style: with a huge endshow. But this time it had a special message from Q-dance…

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Over 80 artists performed at the weekend of Defqon.1 at Home, and the livestream was watched from 140 different countries all over the world. They saw yesterday that Q-dance had really pulled out all the stops during The Closing Ceremony (such as more than 6 drones that recorded everything at the same time), to end the first weekend without an audience at The Holy Grounds in a spectacular way. And that was done with a noise of protest, but in a typical Defqon.1 way: “The Show Must Go On.”

Important signal during Defqon.1 endshow: “The Show Must Go On”

Jonas Schmidt (creative director at Q-dance) says that they have been flooded with messages from fans: “The last three days mark a rare chapter in the history of Defqon.1. We’ve witnessed extreme levels of dedication and unity in a world that doesn’t allow us to physically connect with each other. Of course, we knew that this year was going to be different than usual and therefore we had no idea what to expect. So we have pulled out all the stops and it is fantastic to see how many people have enjoyed this.”

This year even more people than ever watched the Defqon.1 livestream: with 8 million sessions in total. “You guys have shown us that the power of an orange heart can conquer all. It’s been a journey that we’ll never forget and we’re extremely grateful to have you as our fans. It is our deepest desire to soon be reunited again. For without you, we are lost. That’s why we have a special message. A message for our community and for the rest of the world.”

The Closing Ritual from Defqon.1 2020 is available now. For more information, visit Q-dance.com.

Footage taken from Facebook-pagina Q-dance

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