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A little while ago when browsing on SoundCloud we noticed that there weren’t any Q-dance sets anymore. That’s weird, because Q-dance has hundreds, if not thousands of them on their profile. We searched for it, but unfortunately without success. Then when we used a direct link from their Twitter account it still didn’t work. Q-dance SoundCloud is down!

SoundCloud has been receiving serious doubts from its users lately, because the company has been striking hard on copyright infringements. After a few of their ‘strikes’, the account will be taken down as a result. Q-dance said the following about the matter.

“Dear Q-dancers. You might have noticed that our presence on SoundCloud has been blocked. Apparently due to claims by specific rights holders on material within our audio content.

We hope to solve this problem with SoundCloud as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can go to YouTube.com/Qdance or Mixcloud.com/Q_dance for part of our audio content. Thank you for your understanding.”

Let’s just hope this will get fixed soon, so we can all enjoy numerous shows like NEXT, The Magic Show, inZanity & The Nightbreed.


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