Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

Radiance’s goodbye was announced last Friday through a message on his Facebook-page. In this message, the artist told his fans that he has had an amazing past nine years. However, he feels like he has forgotten how to live in the moment. He feels like he has no time besides creating music and most importantly: he feels like he has forgotten the people he cares about the most. He won’t leave his fans in the dark: in order to say goodbye, his album, Fractals of Sound, will be released for free. 

The producer revealed he struggled with giving attention to the things most important to him. Still, Radiance hopes that his album, Fractals of Sound, will be a nice closure. “I want to give away my years of work, my album, my sounds to you.” By giving his fans his album for free, the Spoontech-artist hopes to translate his emotions to his fans though his . Radiance concludes his post by giving thanks to a bunch of people, among them Spoontech-artists Delete and Vazard.

Radiance says goodbye with an album

Radiance hopes to close a chapter of his life. By releasing his album for free, the producer gives his fans a very nice goodbye-present. If you’re curious about his new album, you’re in luck: the download link can be found beneath the message on the Facebook-page of Radiance.

Cover picture through Facebook-page Radiance

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