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Yesterday a surprising collaboration was announced on Facebook: Keltek and Radical Redemption joined forces in the studio. Keltek, the new alias of Sven Sieperda (former 50% Psyko Punkz), immediately knows how to make an impact with this collaboration. In updates on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook it could be seen that they were making quick progress on their first track together.


Earlier on, Keltek already made clear that with his music he didn’t want to focus on producing either euphoric or raw hardstyle but wanted to make straighforward hardstyle, unbound by limits and with a focus on his own vision of hardstyle. That’s why a collab with Radical Redemption seems fitting and promises something good; A previous collab by Radical Redemption with Frontliner convinced many that combining styles can lead to an original result.


Later during the evening a video was uploaded, containing the first teaser of what the track sounds like. Heavy distorted sounds combined with powerful kicks provide a promising perspective on what this collab will bring. The chemistry between the two artists is evident and in updates on Snapchat and Instagram the joy they have working together is clearly visible.

When the track will be played for the first time is not yet announced. It might just take some time before the full track is finished. However, the track already sparked a lot of interest, that much is clear after taking a quick look on the replies on the social media updates of both artists.

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If you want to discover more about the collab we advise you to keep an eye out on the pages of both Keltek and Radical Redemption for more information. Also, check out the Stories of both artists on Instagram and Snapchat while you still can, because there is more content from the studio that you can discover over there.

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