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It’s commonly known that Radical Redemption likes to step outside the box from time to time. Last year he made multiple tracks with Angerfist (“Masters of The Great Conspiracy”, “Repercussion”) and Drokz (“Rhythmic Structure”). Like every year yesterday Hardcore Radio revealed the Hardcore Top 100 of 2015.

And something that nobody could have foreseen happened. Radical Redemption appears a staggering 7x in the list. That’s already a big achievement for a Hardcore artist, let alone an artist that originates from the Hardstyle scene! The following tracks appeared in the list.

Hardcore Top 100 – 2015
#93 Radical Redemption & Drokz – Rhythmic Structure
#85 Radical Redemption & Bloodcage – Killswitch
#76 Radical Redemption & Dyprax – Snakepit
#34 Radical Redemption & Destructive Tendencies – Bring Us Some
#29 Radical Redemption & Miss K8 ft. MC Nolz – Scream
#14 Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Repercussion
#6 Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Masters of The Great Conspiracy

Six out of these seven were featured on Radical’s album ‘The One Man Army’, so saying he had a very Hardcore-minded year seems like an understatement. We can only applaud when an artist decides to experiment, so we hope that we’re going to hear a lot more where this came from.

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