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By Wouter de Vink

The word is finally out there: new information about the long-awaited Ran-D album has just been announced. We Rule The Night will be released very soon and the pre-order has now begun.

READ: Ran-D will release his very own album ‘We Rule The Night’

In 2017, Ran-D already announced his debut album, but after his very own We Rule The Night hosting at SUPERBASH and liveset at the final Hard Bass, it took a while for the production to be released. Now, the wait is finally over and just now, the Roughstate DJ finally posted the trailer of his long awaited album. Check out the trailer announcement down below.

“A special day has arrived. Today I can finally announce that my first ever album ‘We Rule The Night’ is available for pre-order. It has been quite a journey to create an album that truly reflects who I am as a Hardstyle lover, a producer and a person. I’ve played all over the world and it has been a huge source of inspiration to meet all you dedicated Hardstyle lovers, your passion and love for Hardstyle has given me so much energy. This energy allowed me to create an album of which I am truly proud. Thank you all for giving me purpose and letting me live my passion. Now enjoy the official album trailer, and take a step into the world of ‘We Rule The Night’.”

The Ran-D – We Rule The Night album is coming!

The We Rule The Night album will appear on the Roughstate label and is coming out soon. Would you like to receive the album on the release day? Pre-order We Rule The Night right here.

Omslagfoto via Instagram-pagina Ran-D / EDM Kevin 

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