Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, Ran-D came out with an important message. The DJ will be releasing his debut album We Rule The Night for free to everyone who pre-ordered, to compensate for the long wait. 

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“I’m a perfectionist. I work way too long on a track: weeks, sometimes even months, because I want it to be perfect”, he starts the announcement. This, combined with the touring and the big Gunz for Hire project made him very busy. In the end this led to the debut album We Rule The Night not being released, even though fans were able to pre-order it a couple of months ago.

“What can I say, I’m really proud of the album. But I want to give you guys a solution, because I think you deserve it. Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. But with this album, I want to give it away to you guys for free. You pre-ordered, you waited too long. I think that’s the least I can do.”

“I hope you will play it loud, I’m really proud of this album”

To compensate his fans Ran-D will soon release his We Rule The Night album for free on the Roughstate label. By now loads of fans have responded with positive messages to the announcement.

“Guys thank you for your understanding. The positive words mean a lot. I put so much passion and time in my music and it means a lot that you guys notice this, and show me so much support. That’s what makes this scene special, the involvement and the dedication for the music. That’s why I love the Hardstyle scene and community so much.”

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