Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Attentive fans could just read some interesting comments under Sound Rush’s recent Instagram post. Rebelion replied to the question in the caption and by the looks of it the hardstyle world can prepare for an unusual collaboration between these two duos. 

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Sound Rush posted the question “Which track should we play next month at Qlimax?” aside a photo of a previous Qlimax edition. Rebelion commented: “Rebelion x Sound Rush”, whereupon Sound Rush answered just with two ‘flirting’ Emojis. The assumption of a collab of the hardstyle DJs got supported by some content in Rebelion’s Instagram Story. They posted their track ‘Empire’ with the announcement that another euphoric banger is coming soon.

In the first moment this combination might appear like a crazy mix, but looking at their career progression it’s much more imaginable. That Rebelion is overall getting softer and more melodic is noticeable since a long time. After their rough first album Uprising, their second album Empire moved far more in the middle of the hardstyle range. They played at huge stages like Hard Bass and their collab with Sub Sonik ‘Bring It On’ is getting played by many artists and for big audiences. And recently it got published they team up with Devin Wild for the first EPIQ New Year’s Eve anthem.

Sound Rush is famous for a very euphoric sound. Early tracks like ‘Open Your Eyes’ as well as new tracks like ‘Army of Fire’ consist mainly of melodies and soft vocals. But in comparison to some years ago, their sets tend to become a little bit harder, which is also recognizable in more euphoric hardstyle artists sets. Parts with harder kicks are now no rarity anymore, so a collab between these two hardstyle acts is something that might happen or had been happening already.

A rawphoric banger by Rebelion x Sound Rush

Counting 1 and 1 together, fans can definitely keep their ears and eyes open about this extraordinary combination. Visitors of this year’s Qlimax should pay attention about the new track during Sound Rush’s set. Check Rebelion’s and Sound Rush’s socials to stay up to date.

Rebelion Sound Rush collab

Footage taken from Facebook page Rebelion and Sound Rush


  • dovydas 18 February 2021 - 17:31

    yes, that collab is called “hypnotized” and it is out now! :)


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