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It is quite obvious that the Scottish lads of Rebelion have a hard time horsing around in the studio. If you thought demolishing stages was the only thing Rebelion could do, you are Dead Wrong (Pun intended). To prove this, they have just revealed the release date of their brand new forthcoming album.

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In 2016 Rebelion premiered their first album Uprising, which was released on Gearbox Digital. Just last year they launched their live-act Rebel[ut]ion while wrecking the infamous Hanger at Q-Base, Germany. However, their success story did not end there. At Hard Bass 2018 the two friends were part of Team Red. And it seems like they’re currently on a roll…

The new Rebelion album ‘Empire’ will be released sooner than expected

Recently, Rebelion spoke to REBiRTH festival and revealed the release date of their second album, called Empire. “The album will be released the month before REBiRTH, so its perfect to showcase the full album and MORE”, is what they’re telling in a interview with Rebirth. The album was no surprise, as they announced their second album last year. Luckily for the fans, Rebelion was kind enough to make sure their listeners got excited for Empire. By giving some previews, they made sure we were able to get pumped! For example, the title track of their album: ‘Rebelion ft. John Harris – The Empire’ was already played in their sets. They also used their Instagram to tell us they’ve got a lot of new music coming our way.

ALOT of new music coming your way ? #Empire

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